So, Queensland has a brand new Parliament but still has the same old stench as before. The odor of deals for mates that raise costs for the public, that never quite seems to leave Labor governments when they are controlled by the unions.

It turns out that Curtis Pitt, the Treasurer in the previous Labor government misled the Parliament and the Queensland public over a union pay deal.

According to the Courier Mail, Pitt signed a draft direction instructing the Queensland Rail Board to accept a new enterprise agreement with the unions in late 2016. In February 2017, he told Parliament he had not issued a direction to QR. He also claimed that the Queensland Rail Board had recommended the agreement be signed when documents obtained by the LNP showed otherwise.

In summary, you have a union controlled Labor minister instructing an independent board to approve an agreement with his union mates, then misleading Parliament about it. This behaviour is so acceptable with the Premier, that she intends to make him the next Speaker.

Pitt should resign from Parliament immediately and the people of Queensland should demand as much. We deserve so much better than this from our politicians.