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Crony Unionism, coming soon to a tunnel near you

I had a shock recently when I read an article in the New York Times that wasn’t critical of Donald Trump. Not only was it on a subject other than Trump but it was a great piece of investigative journalism of the calibre that was once the mainstay of western journalism. The article was about the enormously extravagant cost of a new subway tunnel named the East Side Access project, which currently sits at $3.5 billion (USD) per track mile, compared to a global average of $500 million (USD) per track mile. A similar project currently underway in Paris for example, is being constructed for one sixth the cost. And this isn’t the only New York tunnel project that has overflowed its financial banks in recent years. Two other recent projects were also way over the global average.

The reason for the extraordinarily high cost is Crony Unionism. A problem as much to be feared by you and your tax burden as Crony Capitalism. To quote from the story: Continue reading

New Queensland Parliament – Same Old Stench

So, Queensland has a brand new Parliament but still has the same old stench as before. The odor of deals for mates that raise costs for the public, that never quite seems to leave Labor governments when they are controlled by the unions.

It turns out that Curtis Pitt, the Treasurer in the previous Labor government misled the Parliament and the Queensland public over a union pay deal. Continue reading

There’s no participation trophy in real life

There has been a trend afoot for a number of years to give people participation awards, particularly to children in sporting competitions. They are told that turning up and participating in an event is what really matters and it’s not important if you lose. Former Olympian and LA Galaxy soccer star Cobi Jones, does an excellent job of debunking this mentality is this video from PragerU and explains why feeling the pain of losing is so important to winning.

I am sincerely hoping that this mode of thinking is not taking hold of conservatives across Australia and that the pain of losses in 2017 will instead spur us on to even greater efforts in 2018. Continue reading

No matter the question, government is the answer

In an excellent article in The Australian this week, Nick Cater does a skilful dissection of the Northcote by-election in Victoria. For those who might not have heard the news, a seat that has been Labor since 1927 went to The Greens. Amazingly, the Andrews government, that seems to have more in common with Che than Chifley, was not left enough for this electorate. Continue reading

10,000 Ways That Will Not Work

“I have not failed 10,000 times. I have successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.”

Thomas Edison

The above words attributed to the great inventor Thomas Edison are very applicable to conservative Australia in November 2017.  Although we haven’t tried 10,000 ways that ‘will not work’ with making our weight felt in political and social life, more like a handful of ways at present. However, it’s enough to point very clearly to what definitely won’t win the immense battles we have ahead of us.

This month we saw the culmination of a decade long war waged by the regressive left’s global movement within Australia.

Didn’t know you were in a war? Continue reading

Soviet ghettos are back in style in Greens Loony Land

The Queensland Greens have announced what they euphemistically call a ‘Housing Policy’, called ‘A home for all’. This will cost (by Greens fuzzy maths) $60 billion, yes, billion with a B, and produce 200,000 ‘dwellings’. The numbers are rosy and utopia will arrive, although they forgot to tell everyone that they’ll be better looking, but I’m sure that will be coming in the ‘cosmetic surgery improvement’ policy they’ll be announcing soon.

Continue reading

Art imitates life, Borg vs McEnroe

They’ve made a movie about one of the greatest tennis rivalries of all time! The cool as a cucumber Borg and the tempestuous McEnroe. I remember their matches well and loved watching McEnroe be a total idiot and embarrass himself all the time, while Borg never seemed flustered by anything.

Looks like they’ve found the perfect actor to play McEnroe with Shia LaBeoufhead. His real life non-stop temper tantrum since Trump won the presidency is perfect preparation for the role. You can look at one example here.   

Getup! Associations, The Queensland Election and The Sorry State of Australian TV!

New podcast with Justin Campbell where we discuss GetUp! not being associated with anyone, and The Queensland Election Campaign and the missing discussion issue. We also discuss the standard of TV in Australia at the moment!

Watch here!


True Signs of Desperation

When you start relying on leaders from 25 years ago, you are truly desperate.

Nothing says desperation more than calling on the Hon. Bob Hawke to do your selling and evoking the memory of a labour dispute from more than a century ago. Alas, this is what the modern Labor party has come to in order to try and win some bush seats at the next election.

Continue reading

The Hammer of the Law – The libertarian case for marriage

On 27 November 2007, the legal hammer fell on Massachusetts’ resident David Parker as he lost his court battle to determine what moral teaching his child would receive at school. It was the culmination of a legal case that began in April 2006 after Parker discovered (in early 2005), that the school was teaching his son about homosexual relationships and transgenderism.

In one of the most lawless legal rulings you’ll ever read, Parker and by extension every parent in Massachusetts, was plunged into the Orwellian nightmare that comes when gay marriage has the backing of legal force from the state. After running around looking for any possible justification for his views, Judge Mark Wolf ruled that:

  1. Now that gay marriage is legal the state had a duty to normalise homosexual relationships.
  2. The school could use teaching materials and methods to that end.
  3. The school had no obligation to notify parents when this was happening.
  4. You cannot ‘opt-out’ your children from such teachings.

In dismissing Parker’s rights, the Judge actually asserted (wrongly) the states’ rights.

Continue reading

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