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Man Wears Flag Pin Upside Down – Yes… this is actually what passes for news now

At a press conference on Friday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer, wore a flag pin upside down. Yes, that’s the whole story right there, a flag pin upside down. This is big. It’s almost as big as #Vault7 and demands as much scrutiny.

These are some of the press organisations that ran a story about it:

The Washington Post (Democracy Dies in Darkness). Glad you’ve suddenly discovered this after eight years. Continue reading

The New York Times coming to Australia? Too late, it’s been here a long time already.

So the New York Times is coming to Australia. This is part of a global drive to increase digital revenue to $800 million by 2020, in 2014 it was half that number. The New York Times has 1.2 million digital subscribers with combined digital and print subscriptions totaling 2.5 million. Its fastest growth is coming from outside of the United States.  

And what will they offer Australia? To quote from Damien Cave, the Times’ Bureau Chief here: 

The New York Times is not planning to compete on local coverage, but to do the kind of in-depth reportage of issues that the New York Times does well. The reporters will be focusing on stories around immigration, multiculturalism, climate change and nature, popularism, global trade, arts and culture.

So…… you’ll be Fairfax with the words ‘New York Times’ at the top then? Continue reading

Crazy media fears – coming soon to a newsroom near you

MSNBC Live’s host Katy Tur has gone full crazy while talking to Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer on 6 Feb.

While doing the regular ‘Putin is the font of all evil’ routine she let her mind wander in the fertile fields of loony left conspiracies and came up with the latest idea we’re sure to hear more of in time to come. Katy used a four step logical deduction that Spock couldn’t better: Continue reading

“Debate” Q&A style – Inception for the masses

Ever had a debate with someone in your head? Sure you have, we all have. Whether it’s a dispute at work or with family or some random in a pub, we’ve all continued the inner dialogue. Sometimes we ruminate on the one recently finished or we’re anticipating a future conflict and try to get ready by calculating just what they may say and how we’ll respond. Everyone does it to some extent or another and it’s perfectly normal within reasonable bounds. In fact this ability to ‘rerun’ events and look for ways to improve them or alternatively look into the future and decide on the best way to proceed, is an incredible ability we have. Without this faculty of imagination we couldn’t learn from the past or plan for the future. The problem is that it isn’t real, none of it. The arguments, the people, the cut & thrust and the final outcome, we make it all up and more often than not we’re the victors. Continue reading

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