Movie Review – Logan

By: Mish Ondersteund

Logan is an allegory of the mayhem and destruction that can be brought on a man’s life and family by alcohol addiction. This in depth study through the art form of movie making further explores the ongoing consequences of refusing to recognise and deal with the addiction. Thanks are also given to Ford for sponsoring this important work. Their philanthropic efforts are to be applauded.

The opening scene finds Logan, who we discover has adopted the pseudonym of James, is asleep in his car after yet another all night bender on the turps. The director skilfully uses the imagery of a gang trying to steal his wheels as a picture of people trying to help Logan remove the addiction from his life. His reaction is one so sadly seen in many alcoholics, instead of allowing the help to come and embracing it, he rejects it by shoving claws into their heads. This deftly sets the mood for the rest of the film as we see Logan trying to live his life as a limousine driver attempting to make ends meet while caring for his elderly father, daughter and vampire friend. Continue reading