At a press conference on Friday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer, wore a flag pin upside down. Yes, that’s the whole story right there, a flag pin upside down. This is big. It’s almost as big as #Vault7 and demands as much scrutiny.

These are some of the press organisations that ran a story about it:

The Washington Post (Democracy Dies in Darkness). Glad you’ve suddenly discovered this after eight years.

CNBC. Whatever fits I suppose.

The Sydney Morning Herald (News Site of the Year). Unless you don’t subscribe to their ideology.

Time (Time will tell). Unless it endangers the Democrats’ election chances, then we won’t say a word.

The list goes on including some infantile musings on Twitter, which was a total surprise to everyone I’m sure.

The real story I suppose is the level of pettiness the media will stoop to in order to score a point. Tomorrow’s headline will be ‘man puts on tie wrong, ha ha’. Well they will if it’s someone in the Trump administration, oh wait, they already did.