So, Married at First Sight is on again and this time it’s going on longer than an Oakeshott speech but fortunately it’s far more entertaining.

My interest in the show is in the abysmal track record of the experts that match up the couples. You’d have the same ratio of success if you pulled names out of a hat and got a blind monkey to put them together. Human relationships are so much more complicated than formulae and calculations on a board. The gloss they try to put on it is as amusing as the antics of the couples themselves.

While the couples must sign a contract as thick as Cheryl’s lips, which must state somewhere that Channel 9 has the right to humiliate them in front of the nation, it’s actually the ‘experts’ that are being exposed for the nation to see. They constantly make banal statements, observing things that anyone with mediocre life experience could observe. Sometimes your local barman could give you the same advice for the cost of a pint. 

Next time a social science ‘expert’ offers you advice, remember the famous No Bear.