Once you’ve been around for a few years and seen your fair share of nonsense and evasions from public officials you can tend to become a bit jaded about it all. ‘Oh, here’s another one’ you think and switch off. Just another example of incompetence in government, yawn, move on.

Then came Channel 9’s A Current Affair segment titled ‘Tough Enough’ in February. Journalist Martin King interviewed the Victorian Chief Commissioner of Police, Graham Ashton about the abysmal state of law and order in Victoria.

King was polite and measured and managed to asked a few semi-tough questions. As you’d expect, the Commissioner attempted to paint a positive picture of the state of affairs.

Then he dropped a clanger that showed his true ideology and approach to policing. It was a rank piece of virtue signalling you’d hope to never hear from an officer in such a responsible position, but there it was. The segment in question went as follows:

MK: “so you’re not PC?”

GA: “I’m not even sure what that even means.”

MK: “Politically Correct.”

GA: “To be honest with you, yeah, what does that even mean?”

There are two options here, either Graham Ashton doesn’t know what the term politically correct actually means, which is a ridiculous suggestion. Particularly for a man of the requisite level of intelligence for such a position. You’d have to have been living inside a bubble to have not heard or understood that term. The second option is that this comment is designed to send a message. This is telling all that ‘Political Correctness’ doesn’t even exist in real life. That the terms and issues the regular plebs out there in the street call politically correct are the way you should actually think and speak. Not politically correct, but rather the way normal people think and speak. ‘Why my goodness! don’t you?’

Given the position in July 2015 by Labor Premier Daniel Andrews, it is no surprise that the Commissioner holds such views. It would be unthinkable for Andrews to appoint someone to such an important role without having the requisite ideology. Perhaps the standing of the  Commissar is of more importance than the ability to do the job?

During the segment former Victorian homicide detective, Charlie Bezzina was also interviewed and gave a scathing critique of the current state of the force:

“Too soft, too reactive, too timid, too politically correct”.

He was in no doubt that the man at the top and those around him needed to go.

The role of the police is to enforce the law. Beginning and end. Crime and punishment. The police are not there to care for your feelings, sensibilities or lifestyle orientation. They are there to prevent crime and arrest those who commit crime, end of role. They are not the armed wing of the social services department nor are they to interpret the implementation of the law based on cultural considerations. The police force is an organisation ill suited to selective interpretation and social niceties. It is the broad sword of the state, not the scalpel of the surgeon. The arm of the government that is least suited to political correctness is the police force.

The working out of this disastrous ideology is being keenly felt in Victoria with the erosion of the supreme expression of human freedom, the right to free speech. Andrew Bolt has done an excellent service to the public by giving an overview of some of the more public failures of the Victorian police to enforce basic lawsThe law of the land determines who can and cannot meet in well run western liberal democracies. Criminals now decide who can and cannot meet in Victoria.

Toward the end of the segment things went from sad to farcical. To quote the Newspeak from Ashton:

GA: “I’m probably being fairly frank with you today really…. I’m being quite open about it because that’s what people need to hear, they need to hear honesty”. Righty-ho then Graham, any time you want to start, we’ll be all ears.

It then went from farce to tragedy:

MK: “Will we get out city back?”

GA: “You’ve got your city back.”

No Graham, the only people who have ‘got their city back’ is the criminals and thugs that you refuse to arrest. When criminals can attack those they don’t like for words they don’t want spoken, you have completely failed in your duty.